Discover the Montreal FIR Boundaries

Part of VATCAN
CZUL is one of 6 Area Control Centres in Canada operated by VATCAN on the VATSIM Network.
The Montreal FIR airspace covers the entire province of Quebec, the eastern shore of James Bay, Hudson Bay, the western section of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Nunavut region that includes Iqaluit.
The Montreal FIR is bordered by 6 Flight Information Regions. To the east are the Moncton and Gander FIRs, to the south is the Boston ARTCC, to the west are the Toronto and Winnipeg FIRs and the Edmonton FIR to the north. Montreal FIR also shares a border with Gander Oceanic to the East.

ZBW - Boston
ZQM - Moncton
ZYZ - Toronto
ZEG - Edmonton
ZOB - Cleveland
LOW Sector (Below FL290)
HIGH Sector (FL290 and above)